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About us

We are a company that specializes in connecting the greatest campaigns of the market with the ideal traffic, generating satisfaction for the advertisers and affiliates.

We have the mission of dedicating itself to increasing the profit and quality of life of its partners, PERFORMATE have been born with a proposal to innovate in the segment. Through specialists always available to assist in the best way to monetize your traffic, we guarantee the best strategy to increase the earnings of our affiliates.

Quem Somos


If you produce and advertise digital content you will may be a PERFORMATE Affiliate.

Know some examples:

  • Blogs e Website
  • Pages/Profiles in social media
  • Discounts and cashback websites
  • Cupons Websites
  • E-mail marketing Databases
  • Forums

Why should you be Performate?

Among so many affiliate networks, what really sets them apart is the details. By becoming a PERFORMATE affiliate you will have access to exclusive campaigns from our advertisers, with the advantage of having a complete and efficient platform with detailed reports that will allow you to monitor your results in real time and adapt your work format to optimize your profits.

Know some benefits of beeing PERFORMATE

  • 100% free

    Take a test and prove the evolution of your income

  • High quality advertisers

    New and exclusive campaigns every month

  • Payment on time

    Above market comission and freedom to negotiate

  • Monitoring Technologies

    Reliable data for campaign analysis

  • Support Specialists

    Speak with a PERFORMATE employee always available to help you

  • Different models of trading


Some of our advertisers!

Become partner of big companies and make money with them



Have any doubt? We answer some of the most common here:

  • The affiliate network links websites, blogs, influencers with digital marketing companies. We are hired to promote products and services and to decide the best partners to deliver these demands.

  • To be part of the PERFORMATE affiliate network you need to have a blog, website, email marketing base or other internet traffic source. Fulfilling one of these requirements, simply register on our platform to contact one of our employees who will help you generate revenue from our campaigns.

  • The amount you get paid depends on how much make on the campaign negotiation model. The most commons are CPL, CPA and CPM, in other words, leads generated, sales or impressions.

  • PERFORMATE follows the country law.

  • We validate the results always between days 1 and 10 so that by the 15th we have the validated result available to the affiliates. Those who choose to receive the amounts generated in the previous month should send invoice or RPA. With this, payment will be made within 30 days of receiving the invoice. For the payment, it is necessary to have generated the minimum value of R$ 500.00. Affiliates who do not reach the minimum amount or do not want to redeem the amount that month, may apply in the following months, simply following the above rules.

  • You will have a login to our platform and you will be able to follow in real time, just like us in PERFORMATE.

  • Send an email to or go to our contact section here on the website.


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